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Guidance Q&A

Q1. What is the purpose of holding the International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition?

1. Agricultural machinery is an indispensable tool for agricultural modernization. The county government promotes the technological agricultural business environment through the agricultural machinery exhibition, and reduces the labor shortage through mechanization.

2. Attract young people to engage in agriculture, improve the previous business environment and passive sales methods, develop high-tech agriculture to live and work in peace and contentment, improve farmers' stable income and production efficiency, develop exquisite and safe agricultural products, and convey them to the people of the whole country, for the sustainable development of Taiwan's agriculture development efforts.

3. This year is the 17th year. Through the achievements of the 16th international Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition, it will continue to lead Taiwan's agricultural machinery industry to the international market, enhance the innovation and production capacity of our country's agricultural machinery industry, and stimulate the development of future technologies in various industries.

4. The event will not only help to enhance Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness and economic development, but also the best opportunity to give full play to Taiwan’s agricultural machinery performance and safety advantages, open up international markets, expand overseas economic territory, and work together to improve agricultural machinery for Taiwan's agricultural machinery industry Efficacy and connotation of special agricultural products.

Q2. What is the date of the 2023 Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition this year?

1. The 17th Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition in 2023 will be held for three days from 9/23 (Sat) to 9/25 (Mon), and will be held at the intersection of Jiancheng Road and Xuefu W. Road in the Huwei high-speed railway designated area of ​​Yunlin.
2. Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition has been holding for 17 years, attracting thousands of brands to participate, various agricultural and gardening machinery, and a variety of smart AI agriculture machine, UAV, AIOT agricultural facilities, Advanced structural greenhouses, automatic green energy agricultural machinery micro-drip irrigation systems, detection and sensing equipment, new liquid fertilizers, etc. Professional equipment and materials include current and future agricultural types, and equipment and material technologies are at the forefront of the industry. Specialize in supplying the latest equipment which developed in line with the global trend of “Net Zero Emissions" will be exhibited during the exhibition! The content and integrated exhibition will bring you a new perspective.

Q3. What are the benefits of holding Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition?
1. Through holding Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition, the advantages brought by it are unmatched by other counties and cities. The advantages are as below:
(1) Provide a platform for farmers to purchase and compare prices during the exhibition, so that farmers can purchase high-standard agricultural machinery at preferential prices.
(2) Exhibitors take this opportunity to provide special products, promotional prices and discounts to stimulate buying, benefiting both farmers and exhibitors.
(3) Exhibitors can promote new agricultural machinery and improving professional agricultural machine at the exhibition, making it easier for farmers to obtain the latest information and expand their horizons.
(4) The exhibition provides a platform for information exchange and the latest technological development at home and abroad, driving the long-term development and changes of modern agriculture so that domestic agriculture can keep up with the trend of the international market.
(5) Promote the growth of local industrial economy and enhance local popularity and potential agricultural development market.

The five points mentioned above are not only the benefits of this exhibition, but also the highlights of the event.

2. Agricultural machinery reduces labor costs for agricultural production, provides more time-saving, labor-saving, and safer operating methods, and also increases the income of agricultural machinery manufacturers, encourages them to develop energy-saving and environmentally friendly models, and protects the sustainable use of the environment and the sustainable development of agriculture.

3. The organization of the event is more about the advantages and potential benefits of local industrial growth and agriculture. The subsequent benefits driven by it are not enough to be expressed by estimates and data.

4. The county government vigorously promotes and popularizes the needs of farmers in Yunlin for agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery subsidy cooperates with this exhibition to solve the problems of aging manpower and shortage of farming manpower, improve work efficiency and expand economic benefits, so as to implement agricultural mechanization, automation, Labor-saving and other production models can enhance the market competitiveness and added value of agricultural products.

5. To guide farmers to use agricultural machinery, replace the traditional business model, transform farmers' business philosophy to produce high-quality agricultural products that are safe and traceable, and gradually establish and improve the production and marketing system.

What is driven by the above not only represents the progress of the agricultural machinery industry, but also is the object of common concern of farmers in Taiwan and the international industry, and is a major and indicative event. Welcome to participate in this grand event.