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The Background and Origin of Yunlin Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Background and Origin of Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition

Taiwan is a small-scale agricultural society. Farmers' pursuit of breakthroughs depends on making good use of modern agricultural machinery and equipment for division of labor and cooperation to improve efficiency. Agriculture in Yunlin County is facing the problems of labor shortage and aging population. Coupled with the changes in the general environment, the youth population has flowed out to the cities.

In order to enable farmers to keep up with the times, the government of Yunlin County implements the science and technology policy of the agricultural capital, enhances the competitiveness of agriculture, enables farmers to have a deeper understanding of agricultural machinery and modern agriculture, and enhances local industries. As a result, the Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was born, hoping to use this platform to showcase, communicate and activate the energy of agricultural machinery innovation and research and development, and improve the level of agricultural technology.

From the beginning of the first agricultural machinery exhibition in 2006 to the agricultural machinery exhibition in 2023, it has been holding for 16 years. The contents of the exhibition include all kinds of newly developed agricultural machinery, new type professional agricultural machinery, agricultural materials and agricultural special products, etc. At the beginning of the agricultural machinery exhibition, 53 exhibitors and 133 booths exhibited the latest research and development demonstration models of colleges and universities and the Experimental Improvement Field of the Council of Agriculture. 53 exhibitors displayed domestically made or imported new agricultural machinery. By 2023, the number of agricultural machinery exhibitors has grown to more than 450, with more than 1,200 booths, displaying the latest domestically produced or imported new and professional agricultural machinery and tools, as well as various newly developed agricultural machinery, agricultural materials, cold chain machinery and equipment, The scale of the safety certification area and special agricultural products has been expanded year by year. The growth of the event also means that Taiwan's agricultural machinery is progressing with the pace of the times, and the benefits generated are obvious to all.

After 16 years of experience and achievements in Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition, this event has developed from a domestic exhibition to an international exhibition. After 16 years of experience and achievements in the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, this event has developed from a domestic exhibition to an international Taiwan Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition.Cooperate with the new southward policy of agriculture to lead Taiwan's agricultural machinery industry to the international market, enhance the innovation and production capacity of the agricultural machinery industry and the development of future technology, and increase the market share of the international market., Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asian countries, etc., and cooperate with relevant domestic colleges and universities, test improvement units and other industry-government-academia-related units to enhance the connotation of agricultural machinery exhibition activities.